Jun 6, 2011

One Love Roller Dolls

I had the best Fresh meat day ever this sunday with the One love roller dolls ! No kidding :D.

I first read about roller derby about a year ago on Will Wheaton's blog ,
I thought the sport looked awesome but had no idea that you could play it here in Belgium.
So when I saw articles appearing in the newspaper about a Belgian roller derby team in Antwerp I was so exited that I decided I absolutely had to try this sport.

A bit nervous but very exited I went to the long awaited Fresh Meat day.
After the welcome and the getting the gear on it was time for our first training.
Because it was most people's first time on traditional roller skates we mainly concentrated on learning how to stop , fall and turn. The turning and falling weren't a problem but damn those stops are hard :p. And after a few games we got to play a simplified roller derby game,which was the most awesome thing ever.

I think I'm hooked to this awesome sport & fantastic team , can't wait for the next training (tomorrow).

a group picture of that day :