Dec 11, 2010


I've been following the whole wikileaks saga with a great intrest the past few days and wtf... this could have been a hollywood movie.
It's a bit creepy to see how they first block Assange's personal bank accounts, then put him on interpols most wanted and finally arrest him and refuse bail all based on really vague accusations. And still some dare say that this isn't politically motivated ... right.

intresting wikileaks docu:

Dec 6, 2010


How predictable, I start a blog write 4 or 5 messages and forget all about it.
To speak in my defence , this autumn was the most chaotic one ever.
so this reboot of my blog will not be a happy one and I'm sorry for that, but I feel like writing about all of it might help.

I changed school in september , my last year at the uni went totally shipwreck and due to our lovely learning credit system I couldn't continue studying there.
Now I'm studying biomedical laboratory techniques at the Plantijn University college.
It will take some time to get used to it all and I'll miss uni life quite a lot
but this all bleaches in comparison to what happened in November.

My grandmother died.
I still can't really believe it, it's like she's still in the retirement home and we can go and visit her next Sunday.
To tell the full story we must go back 6 years. In May that year she had an Intra-cranial hemorrhage, doctors gave her only 30 minutes to live but she magically woke up.
The revalidation process was long but she didn't give up and although she regained her mobility she still had to go to a retirement home.
For six years everything went well but this year she started to slowly loose control over her right side. Walking was becoming more difficult and her hand started shaking

At the end of October she went to the hospital for a check-up.
They did some tests and the marrow in her neck turned up to be severely damaged,she would continue to get worse and slowly become bedridden. For my grandmother there could not have been a worse diagnosis ending up like that was one of her biggest fears.The next day everything started to go wrong, the inter-cranial pressure became to high and they had to operate. The operation was successful (or at least that's what they told us) but she didn't wake up that day and couldn't breathe for herself so she had to go to intensive care.

My god the flashbacks I had when we were back in ICU,it was all like 6 years ago, she even had the same cubicle.
It were hard days for our family, you only can visit ICU two times a day : from 14.30u-15.00u and 19.30u to 20.00u, so our days went like this : wake up - wait until you can leave for the clinic- visit - get back home and wait till you can go back- get stuck in evening traffic- visit - try to sleep.
Meanwhile the doctors were facing a medical mystery, she wouldn't wake up and they couldn't figure out why. All the parameters were OK, some days even quite good.

She finally woke up the 1st of November,on my cousins birthday (what a coincidence :o ).
The machines still had to help her breathe so she had tubes in her throat and could only nod yes or no.
When looking back at it I feel like she said goodbye to all of us that day,she insisted on all of us holding her hand.
she stayed concious for 2 more days but it wasn't the same like that first day and she slid back in an unconscious state.

The last day I saw her was the 17th of November , after a week of her not waking up they decided to turn of the machines and wait for her breathing to stop naturally, because she wouldn't wake up anymore and keeping her alive just for the sake of it isn't what she wanted.
We spent the whole afternoon there by her side. Every time the monitor made a strange beep I freaked out and feared it was the end,but that evening she was still breathing and all the parameters were good so we all went home to get some very much needed sleep.

18 November, a day a I will never forget. I had school that day and I normally would have stayed at home but I borrowed some papers from a girl and had to give them back so I left for school and my parents promised to call me if anything changed.
right when I arrived,the dreaded call came in.
My mom told me to get to the hospital assap, so I ran to get my cousin who was at school already and we left for a hellish trip to the hospital.
we had to take public transport and really raced as fast as possible but we were to late.

She died 18 November at 10.05u
The days that followed were just surreal and now I still can't really believe it.
I'll miss her so much especially now with the holidays coming up. she always spent Christmas and new years eve at our house and it won't be the same without her.
Farewell Simone Vinck,
you were the best grandmother one could wish for and we will never forget the great times we had with you.

Sep 6, 2010

Dead tired

At this moment it's 07:00 am, I've been awake for exactly 24 hours and I'm in desperate need of sleep.
My exam stars in 2 hours so lets hope that this one goes well. *fingers crossed*
But let's have some coffee first, can't risk on falling asleep during an exam can we.

Aug 20, 2010

Sweet zombie jesus

Studying did not go very well today , I was distracted way to easely and couldn't focus
so I decided to try out the new paint set my mom has bought for me.
You have to know I'm a terrible painter , really. Back in my highschool days I used to screw up every painting I ever had to make it was terrible and the art teacher was never happy.

But so far for the complaining ,
I drew my favourite futurama cast members on the back of my noteblok and when my boredom reached a critical level I decided I would try to color the pencil drawing with the paint set
and this is the result :

Not that bad isn't it ? =) although there is definitely room for improvement it still is sooo much better then everything I've painted so far and I'm childishly happy about it.

Aug 19, 2010

The eagle has landed

The year is 2009.*dramatic tune*
40 years ago the crew of apollo 11 was the first one to land on the moon and so beat the Russians in the cold war space race.
To celebrate this epic moment in history James may made this awesome documentary which I saw yesterday.

He got to interview moonwalkers like charlie duke and he got the chance to be a passenger in a U-2 plane wich would take him 21km straight up so he could see the earths curvature.
Of course he had to endure a 3day training(shown in "James May at the edge of space")

I've always had a strange fascination with space(travelling) and being an astronaut is without any contest the most fascination profession ever . Hell I would donate a kidney to be able to go on a Nasa mission !
So I really enjoyed this documentary and even cried a little when May was 21km above the ground and watching down at planet earth.
This whole thing made me think about applying for Nasa , when I ever get my science degree.
I do know it's a bit idle hope and the chances for me actually going into space are reaaally slim/practically nonexistant.
But hey, a person can dream right ?

Aug 15, 2010

But you can call him V

"VoilĂ ! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished."
But you can call him V :

I just loooove V for vendetta both the graphic novel and film.

yesterday I finally finished this drawing and I'm quite happy about it , although I do need more sorts of pencils since this is drawn with a 2B pencil only.
Also I've decided to save money for a wacom bamboo fun tablet, I really want to try drawing digitally.

Aug 14, 2010


Finally , after weeks of pondering I'm finally starting a blog

What am I going to write about ? Honestly I don't really have a clue yet,
but I can promise you there will be ramblings about film , books
some occasional funny stories and other terribly interesting events that might happen in my life .

I promise to post a decent introduction later so for now :
Hello internet people who accidentally stumbled on my blog,
nice to meet you =)