Aug 19, 2010

The eagle has landed

The year is 2009.*dramatic tune*
40 years ago the crew of apollo 11 was the first one to land on the moon and so beat the Russians in the cold war space race.
To celebrate this epic moment in history James may made this awesome documentary which I saw yesterday.

He got to interview moonwalkers like charlie duke and he got the chance to be a passenger in a U-2 plane wich would take him 21km straight up so he could see the earths curvature.
Of course he had to endure a 3day training(shown in "James May at the edge of space")

I've always had a strange fascination with space(travelling) and being an astronaut is without any contest the most fascination profession ever . Hell I would donate a kidney to be able to go on a Nasa mission !
So I really enjoyed this documentary and even cried a little when May was 21km above the ground and watching down at planet earth.
This whole thing made me think about applying for Nasa , when I ever get my science degree.
I do know it's a bit idle hope and the chances for me actually going into space are reaaally slim/practically nonexistant.
But hey, a person can dream right ?

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