Apr 28, 2011

day 15: favourite play adaptation

Titus by Julie Taymor,
an adaptation from Shakespeare's dramatic play : Titus Andronicus.

It's a pretty dramatic film about the Roman general Titus Andronicus (Anthony Hopkins)
in the beginning of the film he returns from from war , he won but lost 21 of his sons, to make up for this loss he sacrifices the oldest son of the queen of the Goths Tamora.
From this point on Tamora begins planning her revenge.
When the emperor dies Titus is offered the job but he refuses ,appointing Saturninus as his replacement. Saturninus chooses Tamora as his wife...

What follows is a grotesque plot about revenge causing the general to slowly lose his sanity. What I love about this film is the great acting from Hopkins and the anachronisms , very special.
some screenshots:

new emperor Saturninus and his wife Tamora
the explosive opening scene
The general's daughter Lavinia after being raped and mutilated by Tamora's sons


  1. ^it really is , a bit over the top but generally awesome ^^
    (+ hopkins yay)