May 9, 2011

Day 24: Movie with your favorite soundtrack

I'm a soundtrack geek I can't just choose one :D really.
so instead of the favourite movie here are my favourite composers :

First and most important : Clint Mansell.

My all time favourite soundtrack composer in the history of ever !
Everybody knows this guy from the "requiem for a dream" soundtrack and more specific from the overused Lux Aeterna.
Don't get me wrong I love lux aeterna I just don't think it's necessary to use it in every ff'n movie trailer.
And the Requiem for a dream soundtrack has other great tunes like "summer hope ouverture" or "conney Island dreaming" or the "ghosts of a future lost".

I also adore the music mansell composed for the fountain,another great Aronofsky film.
without his soundtrack the movie wouldn't be half as awesome as it is now.

And of course moon,a homage to 70's science fiction by duncan jones. This soundtrack isn't as dramatic as the previous 2, but it fits the film perfectly.

some links to grooveshark:

Requiem for a dream:
Ghosts of a future lost
summer hope ouverture
The fountain:
Death is the road to awe
We're not programs GERTY ,we're people

2.John Murphy

I only know his "28 days later" soundtrack and I loved it.
In the house-in a heartbeat is my undisputed favourite. this is also the most dramatic scene of the film( to bad I couldn't find it on youtube).
in the house-in a heartbeat
full 28 days later album

honourable mentions:

-Hannibal soundtrack by Hanz zimmer
-Velvet goldmine soundtrack (various artist:placebo, thom yorke,brian eno and more awesomeness).
- Deathproof soundtrack (various)
- Across the universe : the actors did some really good Beatles covers
- most of the Disney films : no explanation needed

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